All hands on Offshore during International Supplier Day at PWEA2023 in Serock

by dbereza

All hands on Offshore during International Supplier Day at PWEA2023 in Serock

by dbereza

by dbereza
Offshore wind is one of the key pillars of Polish energy transition. In accordance with the PWEA report, Poland exhibits 33 GW of offshore wind potential, and the Polish Baltic Sea areas feature many new sites for offshore investments. Had the entire potential of the Baltic Sea been exploited, offshore wind could contribute to as much as 57% of total electricity demand in Poland, with local content reaching 65% — a true opportunity for the Polish economy. This could make Poland a leader in offshore wind development in the Baltic Sea region and in Europe. Polish companies, foreign investors and representatives of the Baltic Sea region states will meet in June at the International Supplier Day during the PWEA 2023 Conference in Serock to discuss the creation of a strong, European offshore industry.

The new scenario for Energy Policy of Poland Until 2040 (EPP2040), developed by Ministry of Climate and Environment, assumes fourfold increase in RES capacity: 68% of installed capacity in the National Power System and more than 50% share in electricity production. Offshore wind is to contribute 5.9 GW in 2030 and 18 GW in 2040. However, experts indicate much higher potential of the Polish offshore sector, which could reach as much as 33 GW. The best use of the potential of the Polish Baltic Sea areas will in the next years be crucial to the development of our independence and a strong economy.

The new perspective and investment would require substantial involvement of investors, the state and funds to be effectively completed. Therefore, Polish Wind Energy Association invited companies interested in offshore sector development for an International Supplier Day, to be held during the PWEA 2023 Conference in Serock on 20–22 June. The event will be attended by representatives of selected embassies of EU states as well as investors with international experience in offshore wind farm development. Particular emphasis will be put on the development of a strong European supply chain for the offshore sector and establishment of a framework for international cooperation in that respect. Polish companies will have a perfect opportunity to establish business contacts with foreign partners, enabling them to enter the Western markets.

 Offshore wind development in Poland entails substantial opportunities for new jobs, support for local production and service business involved in the supply chain as well as for building a strong position of the Polish entrepreneurs in the regional, European and global offshore value chain. “International Supply Day is an opportunity for Polish companies to establish contacts with foreign partners and exploit the synergy stemming from that cooperation. Establishment of effective alliances with experienced foreign partners will help to build a strong offshore wind sector in Poland in a cost-effective manner that contributes to the national industry,” said Janusz Gajowiecki, President of the Polish Wind Energy Association.

Great potential, great challenges

Poland faces many challenges related to the development of Phase I projects, now entering the crucial implementation stage, as well as Phase II projects, for we are to know all the winners of new locations at the end of May. There is also the key issue of the use of national potential of Polish suppliers and achievement of the highest local content.

 “During the PWEA Conference we will also examine the long-term offshore potential in Poland and jointly answer how to exploit it efficiently and what actions we need to take as an industry. Other interesting areas — the use of offshore wind to produce green hydrogen, sales of electricity under cPPAs or crucial coexistence of offshore wind farms and other uses of the sea — navigation, fishing or navy and other state defence agencies — will not be forgotten, too,” said Piotr Czopek, Regulatory Director, Polish Wind Energy Association.

– In the following years, the development of offshore wind farms may provide an impulse for development for Poland, and Pomerania will become a significant center on the economic map of the value chain for the offshore industry and for Equinor’s operations in Poland. Our three Bałtyk projects with a total capacity of 3 GW – developed as part of two offshore phases in Poland – have the potential to generate approx. direct and indirect jobs. Long-term goals for OWE and maintaining investment liquidity between the first and second phases will be conducive to maintaining the pace of energy transformation and investing in production capacity by suppliers in our country – says Michał Kołodziejczyk, President of the Management Board of Equinor in Poland.

– As Baltic Power – the most advanced project implemented in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea, we have been involved in the development of the Polish supply chain for years, e.g. by regularly organizing Suppliers Day, which is a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience for our business partners. Taking into account the ambitious plans for the development of offshore wind projects in the ORLEN Group, the concern has made a strategic decision to build the first offshore wind farm installation terminal in Świnoujście, which will be ready at the turn of 2024 and 2025 – says Jarosław Trybuchowicz, President of Baltic Power and Orlen Neptun.

PWEA 2023 will be held on 20–22 June in Serock. Join us at the International Supplier Day on 22 June 2023!

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