About PWEA

About PWEA

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The Polish Wind Energy Association (PWEA) is a non-governmental organisation established in 1999 (previously known as “VIS VENTI Association for Supporting Wind Energy”). PWEA acts on the basis of the Associations Act.

PWEA has been established by a group of persons interested in the implementation of wind energy technology in Poland. It is one of the most effective organisations lobbying for the establishment of a relevant legal framework allowing for the development and operation of renewable energy sources, in particular wind energy, in Poland.

PWEA is an association of the leading companies active on the wind energy market in Poland: investors, developers, turbine and component manufacturers, both from Poland and abroad.


PWEA is an organisation supporting and promoting the development of wind energy, whose purpose, pursued through joint activity of its members, is to create advantageous conditions for investment in wind energy in Poland and to systematically increase the use of wind energy as a clean source of electricity.


To establish a strong lobby comprising participants of the wind energy market in Poland, representing the sector’s interests towards local and national authorities and European institutions in order to effectively contribute to the improvement of existing and the establishment of new legal regulations that favour the development of wind energy in Poland.

 Strategic goals

The superior goal of PWEA is to work to improve the existing and to establish new legislative provisions as well as to increase political and social awareness in the area of wind energy to contribute to its dynamic development and increased use in Poland. In particular, PWEA aims to create effective strategies and launch initiatives to overcome barriers to wind energy development.

We also invite you to read the documents describing the activities of The PolishWind Energy Association.

Statute of the Polish Wind Energy Association (download)


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