“Wind energy vs. human health” Conference

Data: 2016-06-23

“Wind energy vs. human health” Conference

by webmaster

Study results demonstrate that communites actively participating in procedures and educated to higher awareness levels more consciously accept new wind energy facilities. The event is to aid public administration with reliable information concerning the current scientific knowledge on wind turbine impact. The conference, dedicated to officials participating in environmental procedures (including Regional Environmental Protection Directorates, State Sanitary Inspectorate, Provincial Environmental Protection Directorates, commune heads) and investors will present current reports concerning wind turbine impact on local community health. The discussion will follow multi-directional approach: from acoustic impact (including low frequency noise and infrasound) and visual impact (perception and shadow flicker), through results of interdisciplinary studies on wind turbine impact, factors determining the perception of the impact and investment acceptance (acoustic and visual impact, distance to the investment, financial and social benefits), to analysis to what extent increasing the distance between facilities and residential development minimises impact and ensures social acceptance.

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