“Practical aspects of the RES auction scheme” Seminar

Data: 2017-01-26

“Practical aspects of the RES auction scheme” Seminar

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26 January 2017, Zielna Conference Centre, Warsaw

On 30 December the Energy Regulatory Office will conduct first auctions for sales of electric energy produced by RES. For RES producers, who up till now function in the Green Certificates system, the introduction of new, auction scheme, determined by the RES act and its amendments, it means opportunities, as well as challenges.

Polish Wind Energy Association together with the renowned Polish law firm – Wierciński, Kwieciński, Baehr – invites you to take part in a seminar regarding the practical aspects of the auction scheme (auction rules, Internet Auction Platform, key legal dilemmas).

Participants will find out:

  • who can participate in auction
  • how to understand the terms “installation”, “hybrid installation”, “cluster”, “energy cooperative”
  • whether modernised installations are entitled to participate in auctions
  • how to calculate it capacity factor
  • how to calculate the support period in the auction scheme
  • how to calculate public aid
  • whether it is possible to benefit from two support schemes in parallel?
  • how will the auction look like and how it will be settled
  • how to use of the Internet Auction Platform (practical aspects)


Since the seminar will take place after first auctions, it will be the most suitable time to draw first conclusions after the new suport system premiere. A panel discussion between the speakers and participants (RES investors) will be held at the end of the seminar.

Limited places available. First come first served rule applies.

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