“Communication in a conflict related to wind project development” Workshops

Data: 2016-02-24

“Communication in a conflict related to wind project development” Workshops

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“Communication in a conflict related to wind project development” Workshops to be held on 24 February 2016 (Wednesday), 9.00 to 17.00, in the Zielna Conference Centre (37 Zielna str., Warsaw)

The Workshops are dedicated for persons:

– involved in the development of investment projects featuring wind farms and other RES,

– responsible for communication with local and regional authorities, local communities, opinion leaders and media,

– involved in media communication and educational campaigns.

The Workshops will be conducted by Ewa Marciniak, PhD, Professor of University of Warsaw, an academic employee of the Institute of Political Sciences since 2000. Since 2005 she is a Deputy Director of the Institute of Policial Sciences for teaching affairs. A member of the Polish Communication Association, Ministry of Education expert on school textbooks. She specialises in political communication and political marketing.

The purpose of the Workshops is to gain knowledge on communication aspects of the conflict, effective identification of conflict areas and definition of its subject, to develop the ability to adjust communication strategies to the conflict situation, to learn various communication barriers and to gain abilities to overcome such barriers.

The Workshops will feature theoretical and practical aspects.

Workshops Agenda:

0800 – 0930 Registration

PART I Theoretical part

0900 – 1030 The essence and structure of conflicts (conflict cycle, conflict situations or persons, the conflict circle)

1030 – 1040 Coffee break

1040 – 1210 Key communication abilities (speaking, listening, feedback development, emotional environment development, personalisation of contact)

1210 – 1220 Coffee break

PART II Practical part

1220 – 1420 Practical classes in crisis mitigation (simulation of a crisis during implementation of a wind energy investment; procedure of conduct)

1420 – 1500 Lunch

1500 – 1645 Practical classes: communication behaviour in a conflict. The practice of addres: how to speak to be listened to? Communication barriers

1645 – 1700 Summary

Participation cost:

PLN 1000 PLN + VAT
PLN 800 PLN + VAT (for PWEA members)

Please register at k.lukasik@psew.pl (Katarzyna Łukasik, 695105533)