Wind & Solar Power Incubator – Business Mixer

Data: 2020-01-16

Wind & Solar Power Incubator – Business Mixer

by dbereza

Wind power has yet again proved its price competitiveness. The lowest bid for generation of electricity from onshore wind farms in this year’s auction, in the basket for wind and PV installations above 1 MW, amounted to approx. 163 PLN/MWh. The highest bid was 233 PLN/MWh.

From among 164 bids submitted on 5 December, the Energy Regulatory Office selected 101 auction winners. As indicated in the ERO announcement, in the aforementioned auction (AZ/6/2019) PLN 16.1bn was awarded, including PLN 16.1bn for large wind power installations, which translates to over 2.2 GW in new capacity. In turn, electricity worth over PLN 129m was contracted for large PV installations.

Join the Business mixer – Wind & Solar Power Incubator  on 16 January.

At the event we will:

  1. present the analysis of auction results
  2. talk about the prospects for the coming year 2020
  3. provide advice on optimising the investment process

It will be a very much content-oriented event, but also an opportunity to meet future business partners. We will provide a platform for talks and negotiations to those interested in selling or buying solar or wind projects.

By attending the event you will recharge your business with new power.

15:00 – 15:30 Auction results analysis and prospects for 2020 – Janusz Gajowiecki, Polish Wind Energy Association
15:30 – 16:00 Optimization of the investment process. Financing and construction- dr Karol Lasocki, Rafał Morek, Tomasz Kaczmarek, DWF Poland
16:00 – 20:00 Networking meeting „Business Mixer”

When: 16 January 2020
Where: pl. Małachowskiego 2 (DWF Polnad), Warsaw

For more info please contact:

Marta Mosiądz 
tel. +48 661 660 460

We would like to kindly inform you that all places at Wind & Solar Power Incubator – Business Mixer have been sold out.