“Amendment to the RES Act” Seminar

Data: 2019-04-16

“Amendment to the RES Act” Seminar

by dbereza

The first signs of the returning wind energy investment boom in Poland appear on the horizon.

The 5.9 thousand MW already operating in Poland will further increase by wind capacity contracted under the auction held in November 2018. A subsequent auction will be held this year. Some of 3 thousand MW of ready-to-build projects will have the opportunity to obtain the governmental support under. The planned deadline for acceptance of the draft amendment to the RES Act by the Council of Ministers is Q2 2019.

During the PWEA seminar we will explain the adjustments to the certificates of origin scheme and the amendments to the Renewable Energy Sources Act pertaining to extension of interconnection agreements for existing RES projects, planned by the legislator. We will also suggest strategies for this year’s auction.

Your questions and doubts will be addressed by key market experts from K&L Gates and Deloitte.