PWEA in the RES group chaired by Ireneusz Zyska

by dbereza

PWEA in the RES group chaired by Ireneusz Zyska

by dbereza

by dbereza

The Polish Wind Energy Association will actively support the works of the advisory body established within the Ministry of Climate.

PWEA has accepted the invitation to the Team for Development of Renewables and Benefits for the Polish Economy established in the Ministry of Climate.

The Team will be chaired by Mr Ireneusz Zyska, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Climate and Government Representative for Renewable Energy Sources.

RES can support the transformation

Invitations to the Team have been extended to six experts and specialists in the scientific fields related to the energy sector and economics, including a representative of the Polish Wind Energy Association.


We believe that the development of renewables, including the cheapest wind sources, will bring a number of benefits to the Polish economy. It is particularly significant in the face of a slowdown caused by the pandemic.  This is why we accepted the invitation and will gladly take part in the work of the Team – commented Janusz Gajowiecki, PWEA President, who will participate on behalf of PWEA.


Main tasks of the Group will include presenting recommendations on the directions of development of the Polish RES sector in the times of the pandemic, with regard to:

  • economic benefits
  • Poland’s energy security
  • further pathway to climate neutrality.

In practice, these activities are intended to pave the way for new investment projects. This is significant with regard to further strengthening of Poland’s energy security.


About the Team for RES Industry Development (read more…)

Transformation will be continued

Establishing the Team for RES Industry indicates the willingness to continue Poland’s transition towards lower emissions. Another proof for such willingness can be found in the words of the Minister of Climate, Michał Kurtyka, who declared the continuation of actions leading to the energy transition despite the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Read more…

The activities and regulatory changes result from the awareness of the possible negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the energy sector in Poland. That is why it is now of key importance to continue all ongoing investment projects and to support investors in this difficult time.