Summer with wind for the 20th anniversary – PWEA goes on tour

by dbereza

Summer with wind for the 20th anniversary – PWEA goes on tour

by dbereza

by dbereza

PWEA joins the summer action “Holidays with Climate” organized by Zatrzymać Czas (Stop The Time) Foundation. During a 20-day tour we will visit tourist destinations on the Baltic coast and in Masurian Lake District, presenting the benefits of wind power.

The objective of this series of summer events is to shape environmentally friendly attitudes by promoting knowledge about the benefits of using renewable energy sources, including wind power.

We want to invite holidaymakers of all ages to take part in our fun activities. There will be interdisciplinary workshops, educative fun and games, happenings and theatre performances centred around environmental and ecology topics.

Please join us at the PWEA tent. There is something for everyone. Adult holidaymakers will have a chance to touch a miniature wind turbine and to expand their knowledge about the benefits of renewable energy sources, including wind power. They will learn about:

  • how a wind turbine works
  • how many homes can be powered by a single wind turbine
  • how much better the condition of air quality and our wallets will be if we choose the cheapest RES
  • by how much our economy will grow thanks to energy transition
  • when will electricity flow from offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea

There will be also many attractions and contests for the youngest ones. They will become eco-architects building a mini-town of Lego bricks. It will then be powered from a small wind turbine. The efforts of the children will be awarded when the town lights up with energy-efficient LED bulbs and the electric train departs for a trip across town. The most engaged participants will receive useful gadgets.

In our tent you will meet a respected and recognized journalist and voiceover artist – Krystyna Czubówna, who will read the “Let the wind blow” booklet by Małgorzata Bartosik of WindEurope, a passionate supporter of wind power.

We hope that education will help raise public awareness of issues related to environmental protection. During the events children will receive a booklet on wind power “Let The Wind Blow” and PWEA’s brochure “Clean Energy For Poland” will be distributed among adults.

The programme includes:

  • Renewable energy sources, e.g. models of wind and water turbines, PV-powered cars and robots.
  • Off-grid bicycle cinema – an installation of three stationary bicycles where both children and adults can provide pedal power. The generated electricity powers the computer, speakers, projector and multimedia display. During the projection, the viewers themselves generate electricity necessary to power the video display equipment by pedalling on a stationary bike.
  • Upcycling triathlon – a contest with prizes, where participants have to cover a certain distance using three different upcycling methods, e.g. running on old bicycle or car tyres, rolling a bicycle wheel or walking on stilts made of aluminium profiles. At the finish line the contestants will have to properly sort waste and answer a question. Winners will receive prizes.
  • Eco-puzzle – a gigantic jigsaw puzzle forming a 5×5 metre sized image. The jigsaw puzzle consists of 100 pieces. The theme of the image is related to reuse of secondary raw materials and thus to protection of natural resources and energy savings. Children and adults assemble the jigsaw puzzle together. While cooperating with the animator, they learn in an interesting way about the need to preserve and effectively use raw materials by recycling.
  • Computer trivia – on ecology and environmental protection topics. Am I eco – a stand with trivia for children, youth and adults, where everyone can test their knowledge on ecology.
  • Spatial game for the climate – the participants move around a large field (3×4 m) and respond to environmentally related questions on energy savings.
  • Workshops on waste sorting and recycling, promoting the idea of “something new from something old” in combination with art activities.
  • “The Earth in our hands” happening – animators with experience in environmental actions will take the stage to encourage to aware, environmentally-friendly choices and actions. The spectators gathered in front of the stage will literally take the Earth in their hands and support it so it does not fall.
  • Wheel of Fortune – ecology-related contests with prizes.
  • Theatre performance – a slightly modernized version, still very up-to-date and appealing to the young spectators, of the story on the meeting of a poor Fisherman and the Golden Fish granting the most secret of wishes. Adequate forms of expression, suggestive and moving acting, beautiful songs and interactive elements make it a magnificent story that stimulates lively reactions from the audience.

The event will be accompanied by stalls with organic food and publications on nature and ecology.

We would also like to invite holidaymakers to join our event and to include a family visit to our stand in their holiday plans.

A detailed agenda below:

20.07.   Świnoujście

Muszla Koncertowa, Promenada

21.07.   Dziwnówek

Skwer przy fontannie i zegarze słonecznym, ulica Kamieńska

22.07.   Międzyzdroje

Skwer rekreacyjny przy Hotelu Amber Baltic

23.07.   Międzywodzie

Park przy ul. Wojska Polskiego

24.07.   Dziwnów

Skwer Przyjaźni przy ul. H. Sienkiewicza

25.07.   Pobierowo

Plaża, zejście przy ul. Jana z Kolna

26.07.   Rewal

Plac przy Urzędzie Gminy, ul. Mickiewicza

27.07.   Niechorze

Plac przy Latarni Morskiej, ul. Polna

28.07.   Pustkowo

Błonia przy ul. Spacerowej

29.07.   Mrzeżyno

Nabrzeże Portu Morskiego przy ul. Regi

30.07.   Kołobrzeg

Biblioteka Miejska, ul. Frankowskiego 3

31.07.   Ustronie Morskie

Amfiteatr przy ul. Chrobrego

01.08.   Ustka

Centrum Kultury, ul. Darłowska 3 B

02.08.   Mielno

Deptak przy ul. Kościuszki

03.08.   Jarosławiec

Centrum Kultury i Sportu w Postominie

05.08.   Łeba

Plac przy ul. Tysiąclecia

07.08.   Mrągowo

Amfiteatr nad Jeziorem Czos

08.08.   Augustów

Amfiteatr nad Jeziorem Necko

09.08.   Mikołajki

Plac Wolności

10.08.   Węgorzewo

Park im. J. Helwinga, ul. Zamkowa 2