Global Wind Day

by dbereza

Global Wind Day

by dbereza

by dbereza

We believe in the power of wind energy – the power that will bring us a cleaner and healthier future for the generations to come. That is why we celebrate the Wind Day every day. But we would like to encourage you to celebrate on the 15th of June during Global Wind Day.

We started with a bang on 10 June during the PWEA 2019 Conference in Serock with “Run Like The Wind” charity run. It was the first such initiative in the wind industry not only in Poland, but also globally. The award – PLN 5,000 – went to “Podaruj Oddech” (“The Gift of Breath”) Foundation, helping people with cystic fibrosis.

As an industry that promotes clean forms of electricity generation, on the one hand we want to promote a healthy lifestyle, and on the other – support those who cannot catch their breath because of illness – Janusz Gajowiecki, PWEA President explains.

Photo gallery from the Run Like The Wind charity run.

On 15 June, exactly on Global Wind Day, PWEA employees also visited little patients at the Regional Hospital in Szczecin.  A few days earlier, on 10 June, a PWEA-supported theatre performance entitled „Pogotowie Rysia Ryszarda” and a recital of environmental songs with contests on recycling and ecology, took place at the hospital. Each of the spectators could win a small gift.

Photo gallery from PWEA’s visit to the Regional Hospital in Szczecin.

There was also a lot of good fun for the little ones during the family picnic celebrating Global Wind Day, organized by PWEA with Mokotów District Authority at Lake Czerniakowskie in Warsaw. Lego bricks were used by the youngest children to build a small town, which was then powered by a windmill.

Photo gallery: PWEA and Mokotów District Authority’s picnic at Lake Czerniakowskie in Warsaw

PWEA employees also visited a number of kindergartens in Warsaw with presentations on wind power and its benefits. All participants of events organized on Global Wind Day received educational comic books “Niech wieje wiatr” (Let The Wind Blow) by Małgorzata Bartosik, Deputy CEO of WindEurope and a passionate supporter of wind.

Preschoolers had a lot of fun while gaining knowledge. We want this initiative to become a permanent part of PWEA’s educational activities, as we believe that the young generation has the power to change the world.  By taking to the streets to protest against climate change, they have already proven that they want a cleaner Earth, free of carbon dioxide emissions. Let’s join them! Let’s change our habits not just on 15 June on Global Wind Day, but also every day.

Let the power of wind be with you!

Global Wind Day is an annual event taking place on 15 June. It is organized by WindEurope, Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and national associations such as the Polish Wind Energy Association, as well as companies from the wind power sector.
It is a day for promotion of wind power by disseminating information about its potential, global development and its possibilities to replace non-renewable energy sources.